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Wilson Mafuru

I was a student at Ameva Bible College 1988-1989. Some of my teachers that taught me include the following: Rev. John Valentine, Pastor Martin Williams, Pastor John Shaw, Mr G. W. North, Rev Jonah Nyemba, Rev Francis Kadani, Pastor Terry Watson, Rev Norman Meteen, Sister Pat Teal. When I graduated I started working with the Christian Marching Church in Chegutu. When I was posted in 1990 there were only two ladies, and the 2 years that I was there it grew up to about 35 adult members.

In 1992 I started working with the Living Word Churches Int until today. For more than 10 years I was in the rural areas where I saw God working wonders. I have also Ministered in the following towns: Gweru, Kwekwe, Kadoma, Zvishavane. My next assignment will be going to Harare. That might be before the end of this year. I also help teaching at our Bible School and normally come as a guest lecturer at Ameva College.

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