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Taiziveyi reflections

Taiziveyi wrote this report in May 2023 looking back on her life. I am a mother of 4 married to Tafara a former Bible student who studied during the 1991-92 intake. I would like share a brief background of what I accomplished at Ameva.

My parents divorced and I and my mother moved to stay with my grandmother at Ameva 5 miles from Chegutu town around 1982 to 1983. l have a gunshot injury on both legs but the right leg was the most affected. Because of the disability l was not able to go to School. Around 1983 the Farm was purchased and established as a mission. Before this date there was no nearer school, Children travelled to Chegutu for schooling, so with my condition I could not make it, which was a real challenge. l therefore did not attend school until the age of 13. I thank God for Mr and Mrs Shaw who came to my rescue. My life was really in a terrible state for me it was really a miracle. I would like to thank both John and Martha Shaw for their patience and love. I could not read or write when they came. I was one of the first students at Ameva Primary School and passed my grade 7. My greatest story was still to unfold.

This changed my life. My life has never been the same. I now have a confidence. l used to walk bare footed but now I can wear shoes. Glory be to God. I pray that the Lord may bless hearts, families who gave themselves for such a precious work. Truly this mission was not in vain. l am now a trained Pastor, and have recently graduated at Living Waters Theological Seminary and now a founder of an organisation and called to serve the disadvantaged of the community.

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