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Solomon Shangairai

l trained at Ameva in 1996 to 1997

l was taught by teachers like Rev Valentine Francis Kadhani Spencer Shelmire John Carter

and others l became Pastor in C M C from 1998 in 2003 l was appointed to represent C M C at

Ameva Farm l also became lecture of Ameva bible college the same year in 2021 l was

consecrated as. Bishop in the same church currently l am leading many churches and Pastors

in places like Bunket, Gokwe, Chinhoyi, Chegutu, Kadoma, Empress, Zhombe, Sanyati,

Kwekwe, Gweru and others my study at Ameva bible college transformed my life very much l

came from a family that believed in spirit mediums ancestral worship cults and false prophets l

thank God so much

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