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Stan & Yvonne Kearsley

Having lived at Ameva from 1982 for few years, also many visits our last time there was 2012, yet when not there bodily they have always been in our hearts. The wonderful vision that God gave to John in 1981 will be forever a countless blessings of souls brought out of darkness into His marvellous light through the Gospel of our Lord and Saviour JESUS CHRIST. Having been a small labourer in the vision have seen many miracles for the Glory of God. One notable one being the Lord sending rain to save a tomato crop which was instead of looking green, spider mite had turned it red. We saw a cloud as big as a man’s hand arising over the back of the river in Chegutu. Instead of the usual we had seen many times it followed the river, God guided it to the farm and emptied it just on the tomatoes, in those days the crop brought in £2,000 plus £3,000 with the wood sales, which aloud Derrick Spriggs work shop to be built and also used to press sunflower seeds into oil. To numerous other to mention as you have many more contributions.

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