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Tom Griffiths

I have spent time at Ameva off three occasions, the first being in 1987 when I was only 18 years old and after hearing about the work at a Christian conference immediately bought a one way ticket. I spent a wonderful four months working there with John and Celia and was inspired by the work, which by then was more that just a farm, but included schools for the children, a Bible College for training pastors and a strong outreach program to the local area. I saw firsthand how John & Celia’s dedication, over many years and with tremendous help from some beautiful people had created a co-operative community which brought blessing and enrichment to everyone involved. I returned to the UK inspired and planned to return soon.

It was to be over 20 years before I returned, and although the country and political situation had changed dramatically with a huge increase in challenges, the foundation laid in those early years had proven strong and I was thrilled to see the work continuing to impact a new generation for Christ and fill new families with hope.

As long as there are people willing to become seed, and cast themselves into this fertile soil, this will always be a work that produces ‘much fruit’. I wish John and Celia strength in this season, and courage to continue to follow their path.

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