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Ray Wright

My First introduction to Ameva was when John asked me at the 1992 Rora Conference if I would lead a Tear Fund Team (Work Party) to Ameva. Tearfund a Christian mission assembled volunteers from across the country who wanted to help in a practical way for a short time. The project was to build accommodation for Pastors and family to attend the Bible training. The team was very mixed in terms of age and abilities, no builders among them. Charlie and Ruth Foster were in the team and Charlie was a vet animal Doctor, He got up at 4.00am each day before work to help with the Cows in the dairy. After the project was complete, he and his wife returned for several years and helped establish the animals on the Farm. The stones we were given to make concrete foundations were excavated locally and had 25% silt in them which accounted for a lot of structural cracks in existing building. The Ladies on the team set too and sieved and washed the stones 16 tons by hand. The local community were amazed as they had not seen white women doing this harsh work. We completed all the Brickwork up to roof height in the 6 weeks including some decorative panels and features.

Ameva was a contact point for other teams I led with Tearfund and Reap ministries to Mozambique and Maforga Christian Mission. Later on, I Lead a large team from the Fellowships organised by Jim Baily. Many Tasks around the Farm were undertaken but one is memorable, and the subject of a hilarious DVD made by Brian Molyneux (Emmaus) A huge stainless-steel tank was to be used as a water header tank. This needed to be elevated 4 meters above ground 2 miles from its location and weighed appox.8 Tons, with no crane to raise it. It stands today on top of a 4-meter-high brick tower, a shining beacon and testimony to Gods provision, not only supplying clean water to the school in Ameva but also to John’s farming neighbours in a time of drought.

I took much encouragement from my time at Ameva and when asked to teach in the bible school accepted the challenge. I about this time had a career change and qualified as a lecturer at Hugh Baird in Liverpool. On Friday nights for the next 3 years, several of us met at above the Contact Christian Bookshop I completed the very course that was being Taught in Zimbabwe (Bible Training Centre for Pastors) Thanks to Paul Evans and Brian Rainford. That was the second and last time I was to teach there as it was no longer safe to travel at that time.

With Love and Gratitude to all the Saints associated with Ameva Farm /Bible School

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