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Phil Vaughan

My six months were spent working at the school, whilst Graham worked alongside two Tear fund graduates around the farm. I taught maths and science to a variety of children and young adults. It was rewarding to see their appetite to learn and their appreciation of the work that Ameva was doing.

I have strong memories of times spent with the young pastors being taught to sing, sitting along the top ridge of the straw church with a hammer, Jon Val directing from below and even working with the herdsmen tracking/ finding beef cattle in the bush.

I also had the opportunity to travel and visit other teams both in Mozambique and Malawi.

Although being hard work at times I was rewarded with amazing memories, alongside lactose intolerance due to contracting giardiasis and malaria parasites in my blood.

It was also a time that enabled me to develop massively as an individual, giving me skills and experiences that have influenced my life and career since.

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