Naomi Vaughan

Naomi Vaughan (now Naomi Lawrence) writes: My first trip was August 1995-Jan 1996 (6 months) to be with my parents Bryn and Sue Vaughan, I lived with them during this time next to John and Martha. The first month I was there overlapped with a team made up of many people from UK fellowships who were staying for a month. Through Earlene I volunteered at the Kadoma school in the library and coaching swimming.

Made friends with Heloise Brereton and we backpacked to Bulawayo and Victoria Falls together then back to the farm. I painted the ‘His banner over me is love’ in Shelmire and Earlene’s home and consulted with Jill Tracy about fine art.

By November I felt it was time to return to the UK where I then relocated from Liverpool to Eltham Green Fellowship through connections made during my time at Ameva the Watsons & Bull family. My big take away from these 6 months was experiencing the everyday life of the farm and seeing my parents thrive and love what they were there to do.

My second visit was in 1997 - 2 weeks to visit parents, no volunteer work. Spent a lot of time with Grace and a couple of volunteers working there from UK. I still keep in contact with Heloise and Grace and a few others I met during that time. I doubt I would not have moved to London had it not been for that first trip, and I am grateful for the path I have journeyed

on. Not always straight and simple but always feeling the presence of God.

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