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Mike & Pam Bates

We were at Ameva from November 1991 to November 1992, with a 3 month stay at Shashe Bible College in Botswana due to the visa restrictions. Mike was helping wherever needed- maintenance work on the farm, overseeing the building of the new dam, helping John with purchases in Harare and some teaching in the Bible school. Pam was mainly overseeing and home- schooling our 3 sons and helping with English reading in the primary school. The impact of the work there on our lives was quite life changing. Due to Mike's lack of professional qualifications (trained in carpentry and joinery) we were unable to stay longer at Ameva or in any missionary role in most countries it seemed. Teaching seemed in high demand and so Mike obtained a degree in Divinity at Spurgeon's College, London and a PGCE at Kings College. This eventually led us to work at Hebron International Christian School in S India prior to our joining WEC.

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