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Hebeniza Dopora

My Name is Hebeniza Dopora. I came to know Ameva Bible College through a friend of mine who brought to me an advertisement of students Bible training at Ameva.I applied and was called for an interview in 1986.

By then I was working as a security guard in Harare. i resigned my work as a Corporal and started my Studies at Ameva Bible college in 1987-1988.Ameva Bible college was still developing. There was one block of dormitories ( now there are three). My teachers were Rev J Valentine - Principal, Pastor David Latham Vice Principal .Mr G.W North, Pastor Keith Kelly, Prophet Dave Weatherly, Pastor N Meeten, Pastor Tom Nomeland , Pastor John Shaw, John Azapak from Tanzania. and at the last term of 1988 Pastor Martin Williams.

I learned quite a lot from these teachers .Learned much about Apostleship and authority from Mr G W North. Evangelism from Mr D Latham and Pastor K Kelly as we had to do Crusades. Ministry service by Prophets D Weatherly and Pastor Norman Meeten. To mention a few. Currently I'm involved as a farm/ office administrator. I’m the Dean of Students at the College and been teaching since 1998. I'm involved in Pastoring the local church at Ameva Farm. I want to thank God for the support from UK Financially. prayerfully.

On the farm side we have machinery - tractors and disc harrow, planter. And plough. During the covid era got Support in the form of mealie meal. Finally, we thank God ‘for having taking us thus far ( Ebenezer) as my name applies. Despite the hardships the Lord has been faithful to us at all times.

(Hebeniza is married to Lydia and they have 2 sons, Nehemiah and Munashe and Two daughters Margaret and Deborah.)

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