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ISSUE 9: May 1984


I would like to rectify a wrong impression given in the report on Zimbawe. The Christian Marching Church, with whom we are connected, has not applied to the World Council of Churches for help with some of the projects we envisage. The mistake has come from the fact that the Zimbabwe Council Of Churches has asked those Churches who are involved in the rural districts to submit any plans which they may be able to sponsor from foreign aid they have received. Their order of priorities is Evangelism, water, health and then education. Since 95% of the people on our Compounds, about 200 men, women and children have had no education and the majority are suffering from bilharzia in their blood because there is no clean drinking water. If any money is forthcoming I would gladly receive it to alleviate this suffering. At present we have received no money for these projects but are pressing on to start building the school this year and trust also we will be able to sink a borehole so that the Compound people can have clean water.

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