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Christina Kyriacou

As John's secretary I was involved with Ameva right from the very start, writing to a number of Fellowship Leaders requesting support for this new project. I used to spend my visits at Ameva catching up with all John's correspondence.

I was at Ameva when Dave & Sue Latham were there together with John and Martha Shaw and Eric and Ros Taylor. During my time there I was around when a number of the tobacco kilns were partly demolished to make way for the women’s dormitories and to accommodate the new cottage industry project.

Whilst working for the Crown Prosecution in Liverpool their typing pool was undergoing an

upgrading of their manual typewriters to electric and I managed to acquire a number of these

Olympia machines which eventually ended up being containerized for use in the cottage

industry project. I also had the privilege of bringing John's parents out to Ameva and also at a

later date, travelled with John's sister and brother-in-law (The Langton's).

I was also at Ameva when we went to collect Celia from the hospital in Harare after she had

given birth to Abigail on the 22nd of April 1985.

On trips to Ameva one could never leave without having precious memories of the hospitality of Ian and Elsie Gibson"

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